The VIA Institute On Character has its mission to help people change their lives and dedicates to bring the science of character strengths to the world. VIA Character Strength is the backbone of Positive Psychology and a proven tool to Positive Emotion, self and team engagement.

The global collaboration with SMCOV giving Plusitives Co.,Ltd as the only licensee in Thailand enable VIA’s Life Changing content to reach countless individuals and organisations. With this partnership, we can humbly support VIA's mission to advance both the science and practice of character and to fill the world with greater virtues 

VIA Character Strength is a key construct in the science of Positive Psychology - the scientific study of Strength and Virtues that enable individuals and community to thrive and cultivate what it is best in themselves.

Our comprehensive training is designed to equip and prepare professionals to integrate character strengths into their work and organization’s goal.
As a result, participant will have opportunities to understand their Character Strength in depth and those of their co-workers. They will also be able to apply Character Strength to their work and engage their team which accordingly results in higher performance.

Key Benefits
• Apply a strengths-based report in a work setting including rationale for a strengths-based perspective and purpose.
• Help employees improve engagement through knowledge of their own strengths and those of their co-workers.
• Help a work team discover their strengths and their functioning using the VIA content.
• Re-frame workplace problems and solutions from a strengths-based perspective
• Identify interventions to boost employee engagement, team culture, and team performance.

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