About us

“Integrated 2 related cutting - edge knowledge:
 Positive Psychology & Brain Friendly (Neuroscience)”


 With the integration of these two cutting edge knowledges, Plusitives Co., Ltd offers workshops that enhance participants learning experience, build positive mindset, leadership, communication and collaboration. Our learning practice is science- based approach with activities and exercise to support the best adult learning and experiences.

 The science of positive psychology, pioneered by Dr. Martin Seligman, provides alternative way to enable employees to do and be their best, flourishing and work in a positive and engaging environment. Transform –good-into-great angle on many of the factors can contribute to solid organization and team Performance

 A brain-friendly approach is crucial in developing leadership competencies as it aligns with how the human brain learns, retains information, and makes decisions. Leaders equipped with a brain-friendly skill set are better poised to navigate complex challenges, communicate with clarity, and inspire their teams effectively. Ultimately, it empowers leaders and fosters  a more adaptable, empathetic, and visionary leadership style.


 The research from Margaret Greenberg and Dana Arakawa from University of Pennsylvania found that the overall  productivity increase by 31% when leaders have positive mindset, encourage and support people in their team.

  Positive Psychology is one of the biggest
class in Harvard University  

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