Leading With Resilience


  To understand the definition of resilience and why it is essential in this Mega VUCA World to be able to effectively cope with challenges and changes.
  To encourage resilient leadership with guidance in developing resilience and recovery.
 https://image.makewebeasy.net/makeweb/m_1920x0/mSrvCYrvE/Others/06___shape___Edit_.png?v=202012190947 To build self-awareness and essential competencies for leadership resilience.
 https://image.makewebeasy.net/makeweb/m_1920x0/mSrvCYrvE/Others/06___shape___Edit_.png?v=202012190947 To overcome unhelpful thoughts and shift your and your team's focus to possibility.  
 https://image.makewebeasy.net/makeweb/m_1920x0/mSrvCYrvE/Others/06___shape___Edit_.png?v=202012190947 To learn more about stress and how to build coping skills to manage stress in daily life.



 Build self-awareness and increase mental resources which is essential in this Mega VUCA World.
 Get techniques to become more resilient & help others to be so
 Apply the skill to re-focus on your and your team’s positivity and possibility
 Have the right understanding about stress and how to cope with it

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